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HDPE Sheet


At Fort Collins Plastics Inc.we provide an assortment of plastic sheet including clear and colored acrylics, polycarbonate, ABS, sheet PVC, expanded vinyl, teflon, multi-wall polycarbonate, acetal,nylon and many others. All can be purchased in full sheets or cut to size to fit your needs.

We also supply acetal, nylon,and pvc rod as well as acrylic rod and tube.

HDPE Sheet


HDPE Sheet

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High Density Polyethylene, commonly known as HDPE, is an excellent material for cutting boards because of its high impact strength, low moisture absorption, and strong chemical and corrosion resistance. Cutting boards made from premium HDPE sheet provide users with a solid, sanitary work space for food preparation and packaging.

HDPE cutting boards are used in a wide range of applications — from home and commercial food preparation, to food packing and handling equipment. HDPE cutting boards will not dull knives like wood or glass and are FDA/USDA compliant. In addition, HDPE can be cut from large sheets to create custom-fit cutting surfaces for almost any space.


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