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West Marine Finish Gel Coat


At Fort Collins Plastics Inc.we provide an assortment of plastic sheet including clear and colored acrylics, polycarbonate, ABS, sheet PVC, expanded vinyl, teflon, multi-wall polycarbonate, acetal,nylon and many others. All can be purchased in full sheets or cut to size to fit your needs.

We also supply acetal, nylon,and pvc rod as well as acrylic rod and tube.

West Marine Finish Gel Coat


West Marine Finish Gel Coat

from 57.99

Non-Waxed Gelcoat: High-quality laminating gelcoat that remains tacky upon curing. Ideal for application of several layers, with no sanding between layers required. Use to fill gouges, chips, scrapes and deep scratches in the fiberglass gelcoat.


Waxed Gelcoat: Superior quality isophthalic finish (non-laminating) gelcoat that cures to a hard, resilient and glossy surface. Use this product to touch up worn or scratched gelcoat. UV inhibitor is added to increase weathering stability.

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